That one baby blanket they will keep.

Modern appeal, heirloom quality

For discerning parents, who choose products that are simply beautiful to use.

Featuring a striking geometric pattern, this is a design that we know will be passed from generation to generation. The style is timeless, and reminiscent of a classic knitted baby blanket, yet with a more modern appeal, making it ideal for parents who have an appreciation for products that last.

Generous in size compared to most baby blankets at 1250 x 950 mm



Double over in bassinet, snuggled in capsule for outings, pram blanket, extra layer in the cot, draped over a favourite chair.



Use as a blanket, but also great for swaddling when cooler - the wool has a good stretch, yet will maintain its shape.


Easy to care for

Treat your Heirloom Baby Ltd blanket like your favourite jumper and it will retain its appearance.


Classic, timeless styles

Soft, muted colours designed to last, both in coordinating with modern styles - yet transgressing any current trends. We're fussy with our yarn colours, just the right dusky pink, always a soft grey, and an elegant oatmeal.


Merino wool is simply an amazing natural fibre. Heirloom Baby Ltd use an exceptional grade of anti-pill 100% Merino from Italy, due to its special properties.


It feels silky and soft

The most luxurious of wool yarns, it is soft and beautiful to handle and touch. Keeps baby exceptionally warm - and regulates temperature Merino wool is finely crimped and soft and has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. Unlike cotton, wool retains warmth. The incredibly fine fibres 'breathe' and prevent the build-up of uncomfortable humidity. Merino is a particularly useful wool for babies - they stay warm, but don't overheat.


Gentle on delicate skin

Super-fine and non-irritant, Merino is lightweight and soft and an ideal textile to have against baby's delicate skin. Merino contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties too.


Naturally resistant to dirt and flame, and hard-wearing

Being naturally resistant to flame, dirt and creasing, Heirloom Baby Ltd blankets and shawls maintain their shape and appearance amazingly well with being loved and well-used from being out and about with baby.


It really is one of the most beautiful gifts for baby showers or christenings. 

Made in New Zealand


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