The Top 10 Best Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are the perfect excuse to get family and friends together to celebrate the impending arrival of a bundle of joy! They're a great opportunity to give the parents-to-be some beautiful gifts and share some pearls of wisdom, and they can also be a bunch of fun! There are so many baby shower games out there, so we’ve done the hard work for you and curated a list of our 10 favourite games to get the party started and make it one to remember. From nappy tossing to dummy bobbing and even a baby shower drinking game - make sure you check them all out below and give them a whirl at your next shower!

  1. Guess who? - When you send out your invites to your baby shower guests, ask everyone to bring a baby photo with them. Collect the photos at the beginning of the shower and later on, post the pictures around the room with a number attached to each one. Distribute numbered, blank lists, and have each guest guess who is pictured in each photo!
  2. The Baby Bucketlist - Ask guests to write down the one thing the new Mama-to-be should do in baby's first year. The suggestions could include things they wish they did with their kids, things they want to do when and if they have a baby, or things they think the parents-to-be will enjoy doing with baby—for instance, trips to take, moments to remember, advice that’s often forgotten. Collect all the notecards and present them to the new mum by the end of the party.
  3. Dummy Bobbing - Fill a large tub or paddling pool with water and place it outside. Fill the tub with dummies, and let the guests try their luck at bobbing for them with their hands behind their back. Check out our gorgeous dummies from BIBS here.
  4. How Old Was She? - Gather several pictures of the mum-to-be all at different ages in her life. Arrange them on a poster board with a number next to each and ask the guests to write down how old they think the mum-to-be was in each picture. Whoever gets the most right wins!
  5. Name that Baby Tune - Play one children’s song at a time and keep track of who can accurately guess each song name the fastest. Whoever has the most correct responses wins.
  6. Hang The Nappy - Make a few little clotheslines by propping some string up on sticks or have one or two members of each team hold the ends of the string. Split your guests into different teams, set a timer, and have them hang up as many nappies as possible in 1 minute. The team with the most nappies on the line wins!
  7. The Nappy Toss - place two trash cans against a wall. Split your guests into two teams and make them form a line a few metres away from their trash can, with a stash of nappies close by. Set a timer for 1-2 minutes and have the two sets of team mates take it in turns to toss the nappies at the trash can. The team with the most nappies in the trash, or the ones to fill the can first are the winners!
  8. Feed the Baby - Provide samples of several different types of baby foods, but hide the labels. The guests try each one to see who can guess the most correctly.
  9. Daddy knows best - For this game you’ll need to come up with a list of questions to ask the dad-to-be. Some great ones are: What has been Mum’s biggest food craving during the pregnancy? What’s the one word that would best describe Mum’s mood while pregnant? How many nappies do you think your baby will go through in the first year? Will you or Mum more likely be the parent who says “no”? What are you most looking forward to about being a dad? Go through the list of questions with the dad-to-be, while recording the conversation as a video. At the baby shower, gather everyone around and play the video of the dad-to-be so all can see, but pause after each question so the mum-to-be can guess her husband’s answer.
  10. The Baby Shower Drinking Game - For this game you’ll need A baby bottle filled with a beverage of choice for each guest. Each guest takes a bottle and drinks it as fast as possible. The one who finishes first wins a prize! (This one’s especially fun if the drink of choice is booze!)

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