How to Style like an Insta-Mum!

The Mummas of the Instagram world are turning into one of the biggest insta-communities out there, with stunning new accounts and baby focussed businesses popping up online every day. One of our absolute favourite new accounts is run by the wonderful Lucy Giardina, Mumma of Birdie Valentina and owner of the gorgeous Instagram account @mylittlebirdie__

As a new account or small business, it can often be hard to be seen, but with unique styling like hers, a very cute bubba and an amazing eye for photography it’s no wonder that her following is growing so quickly! We got in touch with Lucy to find out the story behind her beautiful account, her favourite accessories of the moment, as well as her top tips for image styling and growing your audience on Instagram, plus much much more!


How did your love of Instagram start?

From a love of photography. I enjoy using Insta as a visually creative platform.. and also as a way to fuel my shopping addiction! I come from a retail background and shopping is definitely one of my favourite things to do.

What do you enjoy the most about it?

It’s given me an opportunity to play stylist. I also love the connections I’ve made through insta with other creatives and Mothers.

You have such a beautiful photography style! What's the inspiration behind your styling?

Thank you! My daughter! Ever since Birdie was born I’ve used Instagram as a way to play with her. We dress up, we visit the florist, we style photos. It’s given us something fun to do together outside of the feed, sleep, change cycle.

Styling with flowers happened very naturally for me. One of my happy places is in the garden.


What are your top image styling tips to other Mums looking to create beautiful images of their bubs?

Use natural light and let your style naturally evolve as your baby grows. Birdie has started to shred every flower within her reach so that’s what we’re rolling with at the moment in our pics!

...and if you haven’t already, download the VSCO app!

Your gorgeous images are obviously a big reason why your Instagram account has grown such a quick following, but do you have any other tips on how to grow an audience that you could share with our Mama readers?

Be social on social media. Like pictures, if you love someone’s photo or style tell them. Help people where you can and give advice if someone asks for it. I genuinely enjoy engaging with my followers and making a connection with them. It’s so lovely to just chat sometimes via DM as normal mums or girlfriends. I think people appreciate that, I do!

Be kind and stay positive, people will always gravitate towards that.

We love Birdie's outfits - what are your go-to accessories for her?

Right now I’m all about the tights! And top knots or turbans! I think that they are a great modern take on the traditional bow.

What are your favourite Avani + Co. products?  

Condor tights and socks and the giant Blondes in Bows head wraps! I first saw them on insta even before I was pregnant and saved them on my Pinterest board just in case I had a little girl!! They are so cute on babies little bald heads!!



Thank you to Lucy for sharing her story and amazing Instagram tips! Follow Lucy & Birdie on @mylittlebirdie__ to keep up to date with their beautiful posts and latest favourite items.


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