How to start a baby journal

A baby journal is many things. It’s a keepsake that can be passed down to your child as they grow older and a time capsule of your little one’s history, heritage and home. It’s a record of the hilarious and heart-warming milestones and memories you share with your child and a way to remember the moments that can be easily forgotten in the fog of early parenthood.

But how do you go about starting and using a baby journal? Here are some tips:

 How to start a baby journal


Get messy 

I know that it can be hard to write on those blank pages because you want your words (and handwriting!) to be perfect and you’re afraid of making irreversible mistakes. But life is messy and it’s okay (and valuable) for your baby journal to reflect that! 

Your letters don’t have to look immaculate and your words don’t need to read like poetry. Simply write down your thoughts and memories as they come to you. You’ll capture a much more accurate picture of the ups and downs of your child’s early years and your experience of motherhood.

Take your time

Filling in this journal shouldn’t feel like another tedious item on your to-do list. It’s meant to be an easy and enjoyable way to preserve the big and small moments. So while it can be helpful to record things shortly after they happen, don’t rush the process! 

Take your time and make use of the prompts, questions and exercises in the journal. Perhaps consider using your child’s nap time as an opportunity to put your thoughts on the page--and if you don’t know what to write, you’re under no obligation to force yourself to put something down! Try working on it in 5-10 minute segments (unless you get super into it--then go for as long as you’d like!). 

Make it fun!

Any stationery lovers here? Grab all your craft supplies and make it fun! Try changing up ink colours and using stickers to add some pizzazz. You can even glue in photos, newspaper clippings … the options are endless! You won’t regret customizing your baby journal to suit you and your child.

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