Grace and gratitude: The keys to a healthy mindset

I love tackling the topic of wellness with my fellow mums. I am by no means an expert on wellness, but it is an area of life that I seek to prioritize for myself, and there is so much that I have learned through talking it through with others!

I believe that a healthy mindset is built on grace (for yourself and others) and gratitude. It comes with working hard on something you love and results in you feeling less pressure and more freedom as you strive to reach the finish line, whatever that may be for you.

Here are a few things you can do to become grounded in grace and gratitude as you work to achieve a healthy mindset that encompasses all areas of your life, from motherhood to your career.

Tip 1: Set realistic goals 

Who here has heard of the SMART criteria for goal setting? SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based, a helpful set of criteria that can be used for setting goals that are realistic. 

Whether you’re making goals for the week, month, year, or even just the day, it’s important that you know your limits. It’s okay that you can’t do everything! I find it helpful to go old school and write things down. Try starting your mornings by writing down the top three things you need to get done during the day--and don’t forget to think about whether they meet the SMART criteria!

Tip 2: Do things that make you feel good 

It’s easy to let daily demands get in the way of doing things we love and to forget about the importance of actually enjoying life and doing things that make us feel good and confident! “I’m so busy” is an easy excuse--but I bet you probably still find time in your day to scroll through Instagram (trust me, I’m guilty of this too)!

The key is to be intentional. Do you enjoy exercising? Does journaling allow you to be creative? Plug these things into your calendar and set reminders for yourself.

Tip 3: Choose community over competition

If you’re experiencing mum guilt because you keep seeing other mums who are doing “better” than you on social media, then please pay attention to this! Everyone’s life is different, and the act of constantly comparing yourself to others based on what you see on Instagram contributes towards a very unhealthy mindset! 

Instead of feeling jealous of what other people have, try to listen and learn from others. Reach out to and build relationships with women you admire. How can you work alongside them to become the mum, partner, and friend that you want to be? Community comes with way more benefits than competition does. And don’t forget to be grateful for what you do have! 

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