Easter and getting back to basics.

Easter is an interesting time of year.

It is a holiday that can have many meanings now for us as a family.  

While it has highly religious significance in the Christian faith I know not everyone celebrates this way.

For me it is about starting some traditions around being together as a family. 

Spending time with the kids whether crafting, or decorating eggs or baking up some easter treats.

I have added some of my favourite activities here to help inspire you to start some new traditions with your family!

My kids love a little bit of colouring in or connecting the dots.

easter colouring in page avani and co

Check out this page for lots of new inspiration.

I worked with the kids to make our own felt Easter 🐣  egg collector bag a few years ago. 

We have used it for years now and we love the fact we bring it out year after year!!

Here is a no sew option for those who do not have the machine and etc handy!!!

no sew easter egg hunting bunny bag avani and co


Taking me back to things we did with my Mum as a kid I do love the old school egg dyeing and these are a super cool way to create some awesome colours!!

Find out how to recreate these 👇🏼

dyed easter eggs avani and co easter craft

Or there are heaps more ideas here too.

Using food as a natural dye, silk scarves and so much more!!!

 easter egg dyeing ideas.

And don't forget the photos to capture the memories and look back on those times.

Check out how cute these sequin headbands are to dress up for the celebration and capture the fun times.

sequin bunny crown easter dress ups

And if you are looking for cute gifts for your loved ones this Easter check out our gorgeous Easter shop

The cutest Alimrose bunnies are cuddly and sooooo cute.

cuddly bunny toy alimrose avani and co


girl holding bunny cute easter outfit avani and co 

Just don't forget to enjoy time with loved ones and take time to relax and check out of being busy all the time!!!!


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