Dummy Nipple Guide

Why is it important to choose the right nipple?

Parenthood is an incredible journey. However, this journey can also be stressful for new parents who are unsure about which products are the best fit for their baby. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

From birth babies have a natural sucking reflex. The baby will try to satisfy this need with the mother’s breast, a dummy, a thumb or other. It is not only a vital reflex for the baby to get food but sucking also has a calming effect on the baby, reminding the baby of something safe and familiar in an otherwise foreign world.


Benefits of using a dummy:

  • The dummy helps calm and soothe the baby, and can therefore help to make the baby fall asleep
  • The dummy helps to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels
  • The dummy has a pain-relieving effect
  • The dummy comforts the baby and provides security when it gets upset or distraught


Different dummies

When it comes to the nipple no size or shape is right or wrong because all babies are different. Babies have different preferences, different sucking techniques, and different mouth anatomy. 

It can be necessary to try out different shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit for your child. Some babies prefer a certain nipple shape, size, or material while others do not have any preferences and will take whatever shape, size, and material you offer.


BIBS Colour - Round Nipple

Our Colour pacifier is the original BIBS dummy and has been on the market since 1978. It has the signature round BIBS shield with three vent holes and round BIBS engraved handle ring.

The nipple on our Colour dummy is a round nipple that resembles the shape and size of the mother’s breast to provide comfort to your baby. Further, the round nipple promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique when breastfeeding, since the round shape allows the sides of the tongue to elevate and cup around the nipple, just like it does during breastfeeding.

The nipple is equipped with a valve, letting out air when the baby closes down on the nipple. This ventilation system causes the air from inside the nipple to be pushed out through the valve thereby flattening the nipple to shape naturally after the baby’s oral cavity. The valve is also the reason why water can be presented inside the nipple after cleaning and sterilization. If this is the case, simply just squeeze the nipple flat to press out the excess water.

The round lightweight shield is carefully designed to curve away from the sensitive and delicate skin around the baby’s mouth, to ensure minimum contact with the baby’s nose and mouth, which means less chance of moisture build-up from saliva that can cause rashes and sore spots.
The shield comes in one size no matter the nipple size.  The nipple is produced from natural rubber latex. Since natural rubber latex is a natural material colour variation may occur.
Available in natural rubber latex in sizes 1 and 2 

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