You see all those cute images of bubs and cannot wait to capture gorgeous pics of your own gorgeous bub.

You imagine propping baby up or laying them on those perfect wraps and sheets you purchased with the perfect headband and clicking in an instant the perfect image!!

 sleeping newborn baby with headband

Ha well, reality does not take long to set in does it!!

How does everyone else capture their babies sleeping perfectly and positioned in just the right light with no baby spew showing!!

Babies grow so quickly and you want to hold onto the memories of them looking so sweet and cherubic. Remember that saying 'the days are long but the years are short'

Memories to look back on and remember all the best bits!!

Here are some tips to help you try and capture your bubs in the perfect shot!!


1. Figure out where in your home has the best natural light.  No amount of editing can change bad lighting.

To get the soft glow that looks so good in photos set up a space that has soft natural light.  Use sheer curtains to soften the intensity.  

sleeping bay with headband


2 Choose your time carefully. 

There is no making a baby smile when they are tired or grumpy or hungry!!  Have everything ready to go and set baby up after they have woken up or had a feed.  Newborns are best photographed asleep.  You can also have soft music or a heater if needed to keep baby warm and cosy.

side view baby photographyPREPARATION

3. Have everything ready before popping baby into position. 

You cannot get baby dressed then seated or laying where needed and then go and change your background or edit the light.  You only have moments sometimes to get that smile or sitting up or snuggled in one position.  Have everything ready to go and then put baby in at the last moment.

baby in bassinet with flowers


4 . Use neutral and textured props so your baby can shine in the image.

Pick props and outfits that are a neutral colour and similar tone so that they don’t distract from your baby.

Use layers of textured blankets and soft colours.

Picking a light colour may help with the lighting of the picture, since it will reflect light instead of absorbing it.

You can also use blankets as a backdrop since they won’t wrinkle like sheets and curtains might.

Keep the rest of the background very simple though.  You don't want to compete with the pile of washing in the background!!

newborn baby cute photo


5. Set up your camera to get the best shot.

If you have a point and shoot, set it to portrait mode. Doing so helps blur the background and smoothes the skin tones and the hair, which is flattering for the baby.

If you’re using a DSLR, open your aperture all the way (set it on the smallest number) so that you get a soft, blurred background. Pair it with a portrait lens (around 85mm). Zoom in and focus on your baby’s eyes.

Smartphones have amazing cameras now and this may be all you need to get that perfect shot. Play around with the different modes also.

legs baby photo


6. Experiment with angles. Take pictures from above to capture baby in a gorgeous background.  

If baby is older and sitting up capture from eye level.  Get down on their level and close up to perfect your angles.  Line up other things in the photo to get straight lines and 

 Try close up shots as well as full-length body shots.  Every angle offers a slightly different look.

baby in cot with toys


7. Use toys or songs to catch your baby’s eye or a toy or shaker to get their attention.  Play peek a boo or clap your hands to get attention.  Or someone may be behind you to get them to look directly at you.

bigger girl with lollipop


8.  Do not expect to get the perfect shot in 1-2 or even 10 shots.  You must keep shooting and taking heaps of photos or bursts to capture baby in that perfect action or moment.

Test out the different times of the day and a different background to see what works best.

cute mustard bow


9. If you use a DSLR then you might already have access to tools like Adobe Photoshop and the creative suite.  These are pretty user friendly and you can edit images in this software.

If not and you have used your smartphone (seriously so easy these days!!) Then again head the app store and download any one of hundreds!!

I personally use either Afterlight, VSCO or Lightroom (LR).  There are lots of presets available to purchase for LR too that make it easy to have consistency in your photos or if you are using for a consistent social media or Instagram look.

Here are a few links of my fave presets.

courbe design preset

Babyccino image above from Courbé design.

Bright and Airy



10. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to get perfect shots or compare yourself to others.  If it is not working one day stop persisting and try again the next day!  

Image above from @_tenever_

To sum it up:

  1. Create the best lighting for your baby.

  2. Find a time to shoot that fits with your baby’s schedule.

  3. Get prepped prior to baby coming into the shot.

  4. Pick neutral, textured props so your baby can shine.

  5. Set up your camera to get the best shot.

  6. Experiment with angles.

  7. Use props to distract or attract!

  8. Practice, practice and practice some more!!

  9. Edit your way to consistency and effects.
  10. Most importantly have fun!!!

Enjoy the precious time you have with baby.  

And don't forget to include your self in some photos too!!!

*all imagery used is from our suppliers or own personal imagery unless stated otherwise.


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