20 fun Christmas traditions to start with your family

Let's face it as we come into the Christmas holidays it can feel like chaos. With everyone home and the "I'm bored!" moments start. I have put together my top 20 fun Christmas traditions you can start this year with your family.


1. Dance along to Christmas music

Such a fun way to release energy and have fun!

2. Decorate the tree as a family

A beautiful tradition that the kids really get into.

3. Watch a holiday movie

Let the kids choose a movie and watch together. Include some yummy snacks and drinks to keep the kids occupied.

4. Bake and decorate a ginger bread house

We love this tradition! Bake the ginger bread house prior and have different lollies available. The kids will have so much fun decorating the house and then of course eating it!

5. Make your own advent calendar

You can buy advent calendars to count down until Christmas but it's so much fun creating your own. It's a great activity to do with your kids, that will get them thinking creatively.

6. Road trip around to see Christmas lights

So much fun!

7. Make your own Christmas ornaments

Get creative! Use paper, glitter, paint and anything you can find. Not going to lie it will be messy but your kids will love it.

8. Play a board game

Great way to play together as a family.

9. Paint a picture of Santa

An easy activity, set your little ones up with some paint and a blank canvas.

10. Write a letter to Santa

I absolutely loved doing this as a kid and it's one of those traditions that never gets old.

11. Hand make a gift

Kids love making things for people, get creative and provide plenty of materials.

12. Make Christmas cards

Let the kids make and write Christmas cards to the family.

13. Hand painting

Who doesn't have fun with paint? Lay out a large mat, paints and paper.

14. Visit a Christmas market

Such a fun way to do something together as a family.

15. Camp out in the living room

Set up makeshift tent with blankets and pillows. Camp out together as a family.

16. Read Christmas stories

A great way to lift the Christmas spirit!

17. Wear matching Christmas PJs

Photo op!

18. Christmas scavenger hunt

Get creative and place items around your house and yard. Write out clues and do it together.

19. Write a Christmas poem

Perfect for the older kids to get them writing and thinking creatively.

20. Donate old toys

Great lesson for your kids in donating toys to families in need, get them excited and educate.


What are some of your favourite Christmas traditions?  Let me know in the comments.


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